About Us

Whale watching with Mirissa Whale Warriors


To be the Country's Leading Whale Watching Service in Sri Lanka


To offer our service with trustworthyness and ensure balance between profitability and socio-cultural values

Mirissa Whale Warriors has 21 years of experience of whale watching guidance and fishing, and today it's one of the sightseeing crew of Southern Coast Whales in Sri Lanka. With nearly 1 decade of expertise in the field, the Whales Warriors has certainly gained its respect and unparalleled reputation for its service excellence. Whale Warriors follow an Environmental-friendly whale watching rules and protect whales during the whale watching:

  • we provide a good distance for taking pictures of whales.
  • we minimize the noise of boats when approaching the whales.
  • We keep each and every discarded things inside the boat to protect the ocean clean.
  • If whales come close to boats, engines are stopped for your safety.
  • Passengers are not allowed to dive and touch the whales for their safety.

We provide a whale watching boat with observation deck for 35 passengers. Boat and passengers insurance is included in the price.

In order to provide these high quality and environmentalfriendly services , the whales warriors has spared no expense in hiring the best team of support  and this is all with an ultimate goal to provide an unforgettable view for the sightseers.